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  • Peat Energy Company
    A sod peat loader loading dry sod peat onto a tractor-towed trailer Peat Energy Company
  • Rwanda Energy Company
    Some of the infrastructure for methane gas extraction from lac Kivu Rwanda Energy Company
Rwanda Energy Company
The leading gas exploitation company in Rwanda established in February 2007, REC has been granted a gas concession by the Government of Rwanda to generate 50MW of electricity with an option to increase production to 100MW.
Peat Energy Company
With an approximate 90 mil tons of peat concessions, Peat Energy Company is the only company in Rwanda engaged in the large scale production of bio-peat as an alternative source of energy fuel for local industries. 

It is well positioned as the dominant and only domestic cement producer in Rwanda. The company has an installed capacity of 100,000 tons per year serving a domestic market with a current demand of 270,000 tons per year.